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Medical Billing and Coding Schools

Check out our featured medical billing and coding schools to find the medical program that works for you.

Learning the proper techniques and practices of Medical Coding and Billing is an essential part of every Medical Assistant Training School program featured on this site. The demand for Medical Billing and Coding professionals continues to rise, as the aging US population requires more medical attention and the insurance and governmental regulations have become more complex.

Job Description: Medical billers and coders play an important role in the medical office where they work, whether it's at a hospital, large healthcare facility, private medical clinic, or medical insurance company. They can go by many names, including billing specialist, insurance biller, claims analyst, patient account representative, claims processor, billing coordinator, or reimbursement specialist. 

Programs to Consider:

Salary and Job Outlook: Salary compensation is often determined according to the level of training and how effectively skills are used, so many career medical assistants take classes in Billing and Coding. In addition, under increased scrutiny from the government and insurance companies, health care providers look to hire formally trained medical coders and billers who will correctly comply with regulations, thus avoiding the potential legal ramifications of incorrect billing practices.

Training: The specialized training and expertise of medical insurance coders and billers puts them in high demand. Among one of the fastest growing careers, there are also considerable advancement opportunities in medical billing and coding and earnings potential up to $40/hour.