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Ultrasound Technician Career

Ultrasound Diagnostic Imaging is a career that allows the sonographer the independence to observe and interview the patient using communication and imaging skills in creating a diagnostic "picture." Physicians then utilize the images in formulating a diagnosis or recommending further diagnostic testing.

Extensive research has proven ultrasound to be a safe and effective diagnostic procedure. While no harmful effects of ultrasound have been detected at power levels used for diagnostic studies, quality assurance dictates the necessity to utilize this imaging technique in a clinical setting, performed by qualified sonographers. Diagnostic ultrasound examinations should be supervised and interpreted by a trained and credentialed physician.

Programs to Consider:

Many practicing sonographers were first introduced to ultrasound as patients. A skilled sonographer often includes an explanation of the procedure to the patient and may go so far as to point out anatomy on the screen to help the patient understand the diagnostic process. It is important that a "certified" sonographer perform the procedure. Credentials should be posted conspicuously to inform the public that national certification requirements have been met. Continuing education credits are required during every triennium for continued renewal of certification.